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General Chat Thread, Apple have new mac adverts in General; Anyone else find the mac adverts simply annoying? I'm not a Mac or a PC fanboy by any means (don't ...
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    Apple have new mac adverts

    Anyone else find the mac adverts simply annoying? I'm not a Mac or a PC fanboy by any means (don't really see the difference between them these days). I just think it's sad when you have to play down a competitor in order to sell your goods - surely they should sell on merit.

    No other I.T. company does this sort of thing as often or as focused as Apple, who lets face it have their own software issues.

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    Re: Apple have new mac adverts

    They have done it this way for years ... all you have to do is look at the anti-IBM advert vaguely spun off as a parody on 1984.

    They did a cool one in the States taking the mickey out of the overheating problems of certain chips ..

    I think their best adverts are when they sell their own product rather than knocking the competition ... but that tells you more about the person at the top rather than the company and the products... so I have heard.

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