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General Chat Thread, Give Pensioners iPads To Stop Them Feeling Lonely? in General; Link: Give pensioners iPads to stop them feeling lonely, ministers indicate - Telegraph This seems like a poorly thought out ...
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    Give Pensioners iPads To Stop Them Feeling Lonely?

    Link: Give pensioners iPads to stop them feeling lonely, ministers indicate - Telegraph

    This seems like a poorly thought out idea to me. Taking my parents as an example [Not necessarily typical but an example all the same]

    I doubt that my parents would have much interest in or use for an iPad. I have tried to show them what modern technology can do but it just seems to pass them by somehow.

    My parents do not have Internet connectivity at home so many of the 'benefits' of having the iPad would be lost.

    Who will pay for the apps/Internet connectivity? Not my parents: They don't have the money

    I don't see technology as a substitute for personal contact. My brother and sister are always dropping in on my parents making sure that they are OK.

    I'd say give this iPad idea up as a bad one [A good one for Apple? They could shift loads of iPads this way]

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    It'd certainly stop loneliness if my Dad was anything to go by - the tech support people would be there all day because it "isn't working properly" - ie he has his thumb on the corner of the screen

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveP View Post
    This seems like a poorly thought out idea to me.
    I think it's a good basic idea, it's just been filtered first through a bunch of MPs and then through a bunch of journalists. For "iPad" read "some kind of technology" - I think "iPad" is used here as a kind of stand-in for "something easy to use that does video conferencing". I think the idea of their being a specalised video-conferencing service designed for pensioners is a good one, but it would probably be best integrated into something more like a TV, with a touch interface along the lines of touch-the-image-of-the-person-you-want-to-talk-to. If video conferencing was common enough, and high-quality and low-latency enough, it would be easy to integrate into everyday life - rather than a once-a-month rather stiff and formal visit to your parents house or carehome with the grandchildren, grandad could read a bedtime story / help with homework / just chat every single day.

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