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General Chat Thread, Unpaid shift when appling for a job in General; I was not aware of this, but my mate who's on the hunt for a job to tie him over ...
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    Unpaid shift when appling for a job

    I was not aware of this, but my mate who's on the hunt for a job to tie him over until he moves to London in December told me about this. He was after anything to get a bit of cash before his move and he applied for a job at Coffee #1 a few weeks back. As part of the interview process, they said they wanted him to do a two hour, unpaid shift cleaning tables and washing up between 12:00 and 14:00. They said that it's a mandatory part of their application process to show the willingness and commitment of applicants and to help them find candidates that really want the job. He did complete a 'shift' but failed to get the job. Apparently about 8-10 people applied for this one job of making coffee so it set them up with 'free' table cleaning and washing up for almost two weeks during their busy lunch time period. Is this now a common thing that some businesses do when people apply for jobs? is it even legal? It seems a little harsh to me being asked to work for two hours without getting pay, but I guess if they have so many applicants, they could get away with it. The thing that really annoyed him was that after, he was not offered a coffee either!

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    It's an employers market saddly

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    not unusual to have "TryOuts" certainly common in my brother in laws line of work "Cheffing"


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    That's not a tryout that's being a skivvy for free.


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    I am currently unemployed, and if you do not take part in the back to work schemes, they advocate people do 2 weeks work trial, unpaid (however still getting benefits), to add "experience" to the CV. If you are unemployed for 3 months or more, then you "must offer" this yourself to the employer and the DWP check. And it is a massive annoyance to say the least!

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