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General Chat Thread, HP-Compaq computers - Onsite warranty in General; We are thinking of investing in a couple of rooms of HP DC computers. We are not sure on what ...
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    HP-Compaq computers - Onsite warranty

    We are thinking of investing in a couple of rooms of HP DC computers. We are not sure on what final spec yet but will be Duo Core.

    I was wondering what experiences/feedback you have had from them regarding on site warranty etc.

    Are they good reliable. I would expect HP to appoint a good support company for their PC's is this correct?

    Anyone had any issues?

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    Re: HP-Compaq computers - Onsite warranty

    We have had HP kit for the past 4 years. They do their own support.

    Although its India based and the usual step by step list, if you have
    already tested for the obvious and tell them that, they will usually send the parts out to fit yourself.

    We have not needed anyone to come on site and fix any of the clients, its only been a case of a monitor or stick of memory that seemed dodgy, and and that was handled over the phone within just a few minutes. The support staff are foreign but always courteous and helpful.

    You can buy different levels of warranty (carepack) if you really need a PC repaired the same day. Although I believe it is within 4 hour diagnosis, rather than 4 hour fix.

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    Re: HP-Compaq computers - Onsite warranty

    To be honest i swear by HP. We've had 120 HP Desktops and had almost 0 problems with them.

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    Re: HP-Compaq computers - Onsite warranty

    reasonable support, they try to diagnose it over the phone then if humoured enough turn you over to a more local company, some offer you the part, others come and fit it. Companies vary but our managed services provider are HP accreddited so its all quite smooth.

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    Re: HP-Compaq computers - Onsite warranty

    I normally like HP kit. We have nearly all HP laserjet printers on the network, the oldest being a 5si/mx.
    Got HP laptops, mostly okay, one or two problems though. All out of warranty of course.
    I am favouring Lenovo (IBM) at present for desktop & laptops. Nice & robust machines.

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    Re: HP-Compaq computers - Onsite warranty

    We buy HP stuff now. Had one fault so far out of 10 laptops and 10 desktops. Rather than report the issue via phone, I used their online reporting system and had a man turn up the next day to collect the laptop, and it was back within 5 days. Pretty good if you ask me!

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