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General Chat Thread, Energy Companies in General; no...the email...
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    no...the email

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    I am on a card meter here and I resolutely wont go back to being DD like I tried once, had a massive argument with the eon and personally I think people would be better off watching themselves with any of the big 6, their operating a form of legalised theft I believe nowadays, especially if you dont keep track of the bills and want to work out the maths behind it.

    My wife and I never had massive usage, when originally on a card meter, we were averaging £20-£25 a month on both gas and electric, even in winter it only went up to about £30-£35 and then mostly on gas, thanks to my use of bright energy saving lightbulbs pretty much everywhere(100W equivalent ones so we dont go blind) and very scant use of the dryer.

    I took out their option to go DD for the electric as it was easier supposedly and they started trying to rip us off from the get go, wanted a DD of around £35 a month, which jumped to them wanting about £85 a month in winter (September onwards), gas was similar, they wanted £40 a month and then £90 in winter, which we had a massive argument with them about as we were not that high on a card meter for both utilities prior to switching, they reckoned then in February, from our meter readings that we had used and owed them back then about £400 when it came to the February, we waited for their year to finish then went to Swalec on a card meter and havent looked back since.

    Even with our son now and having to keep the house heated were not putting more than £50 a month on the gas, electric is stable as well at around £25 a month in usage (the only thing that uses mass amounts of electric with us is the 500W PSU in my machine, meaning I use the iPad for anything outside of an hours gaming a day)

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