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General Chat Thread, The end of summer- here comes winter thread in General; I don't mind getting up in the dark, it's going home that I hate. One of the reasons I work ...
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    I don't mind getting up in the dark, it's going home that I hate. One of the reasons I work 6am to 3pm, the other being the amount I can get done when the place is empty.

    We will be spending this half-term, some of Xmas, February and Easter in the Algarve and next winter, I'll no longer be tied to school holidays, so we will be migrating south for the duration It can still get pretty cold at night in Portugal but most days it's warm enough for shorts.

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    Bring on the snow! I much prefer cold to hot - you can do something about being cold, and I seem to have antifreeze in the blood anyway, so it doesn't bother me that much!

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    Iceland, Finland, & Greenland

    I hate getting up in the dark, leaving for work in the gloom, and getting home in the dark. I also HATE scrapping the car window, only to find it frozen on the inside too. (and then finding clowns on the road who have cleared neither).

    I like crisp clear mornings when I don't have to piddle about with scrapers!
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