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General Chat Thread, Old Work E-mail Account Still Open in General; Hey guys, Just tried to request a new password for a website which I registered for using my old work ...
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    Old Work E-mail Account Still Open

    Hey guys,

    Just tried to request a new password for a website which I registered for using my old work e-mail account. When I say old work email i mean i left the old place 6 months ago as Network Manager and moved to another school. As I was Network Manager at the old place my e-mail account was a full admin for the domain as well as other things.

    So I request the password and realise it has gone to the old account. So I try to login on the off chance (not expecting to to work) and it lets me in with all the same admin rights I used to have.

    Not very secure and the new NM hasn't done a good job there!!

    Do I notify the school or say nothing - if i let them know can it come back on my because I logged in?



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    I'd let them know ASAP. Phone your old HT now. Wake him from bed if you have to.

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    You've probably just broken the computer misuse act even though they used to be your credentials.

    Just drop them an email to say what happened?


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