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    Used to be with business online think it was years ago for dialuo via an 0800 number and billed to my cc used to spend £80 pm.


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    Sky in my area are fudging terrible. The connection is less than half of what it says, and that's if it's even there at all! I used to be on them, and a friend still is, and constantly complains about it.
    Plusnet are no better, I hear. But admittedly have had zero experience with them, good or bad.

    Let's not even mention TalkTalk

    I, however, have an Orange/EE fibre line. Whilst their tech support isn't outstanding, I've had a solid 38 meg minimum every time I've done a speed test (40MB line) and the router is completely 'unlocked' so I can config anything I want. No download caps or throttling, either. I didn't even have to pay one of those stupid connection fees! Very happy to stay with them.

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