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General Chat Thread, PCounter HP Printer - Word documents and notepad not printing! in General; Having a really weird PCounter problem Set up a new print queue on our Windows 2008 R2 print server, a ...
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    PCounter HP Printer - Word documents and notepad not printing!

    Having a really weird PCounter problem

    Set up a new print queue on our Windows 2008 R2 print server, a HP Laserjet M570dn. All fine.

    Convert the queue into a PCounter port and configure via PCounter with relevant document pricing etc.

    Now if we send a Microsoft Word 2007 document (A simple one) or a notepad document to the queue PCounter will charge and log the job as if it has been successful, however nothing actually comes out of the printer!

    However, a standard Windows Test Page, an email printed from Google Chrome and even a slide from a PowerPoint presentation all come out fine!

    As soon as we revert the port back to a non PCounter port the Word and notepad documents come out fine obviously not going via PCounter though.

    I'm totally confused and was hoping someone else on here would have had the same issue and have found a resolution!

    The final twist is we have several HP printer queues set up when the server was built (We mainly use MFD pull printing now) which have the same configuration settings as I cross verified them and those are working fine with Word etc. So maybe a Microsoft update has buggered something up meaning any new queues aren't working?!
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    Seen the same on M401dn and M551dn too, only way I found was to use none pcounter port :-(

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    have you tried raising it with altman or searching their knowledge base ?

    I sorted out a problem I was seeing on my network a while back by looking on there.

    HP isnt using the universal print driver is it ? I know from this that, it sometimes causes problems -


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    Did you find any solution to this? I am having the exact same issue this morning with our M401DN

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