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General Chat Thread, Morning/lunch breaks? in General; thanks for the replies, everyone....
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    Re: Morning/lunch breaks?

    thanks for the replies, everyone.

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    Re: Morning/lunch breaks?

    Fairly flexible, but something like:-
    3 days a week 8:30 – 6:15
    2 days a week 8:30 – 4:30/5ish
    Saturday 8:30 – 12:30

    Holidays; Depends what schemes we have to change things in classrooms, but short days, and short weeks are the norm out of term time.

    Breaks; As and when I want. Usually have a teacher or two call in for a chat in the formal morning break, which guarentees that no work is done for 1/4 of an hour.

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    Re: Morning/lunch breaks?

    8AM - 4:30pm Mon-Fri (tends to be more like 5pm though)
    8AM - 12:30pm Sat

    Hols, start an hour later, finish an hour later, and no Saturdays.

    Take a 1/2hr break in the morning, and then about 1/2hr at lunch.

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    Re: Morning/lunch breaks?

    Nominally 08:30-16:30 with 30mins for lunch and a 15 minute break. Aforementioned 1/2 hour early finish on Fridays to make it 37hrs.

    Generally I work 08:30 +/- 10 minutes --to-> 18:30 +/- 2 hours with short breaks as I see fit.

    The evenings give me a chance to get on with the things I enjoy doing about the job (yes, reading edugeek included) with the phone unplugged. If people come to pester me after 16:30 it does annoy me because I feel I need the time for winding-down, but 90% of teachers are long gone by 4pm anyway.

    Lunch is eaten at my desk because I've never felt the need to trek miles to the staff room.

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