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General Chat Thread, USA FlyDrive in General; I'm looking at possibilities for the summer holidays and hiring a car and driving through the USA appeals. I'm considering ...
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    USA FlyDrive

    I'm looking at possibilities for the summer holidays and hiring a car and driving through the USA appeals. I'm considering the Deep South but see it will be pretty hot and sticky. Has anyone any experience doing this sort of thing?

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    Re: USA FlyDrive

    5 or 6 years ago our family (2 adults and 2 teenagers) visited California for 3 weeks. We flew to LA and stayed overnight. Drove to St. Lois Obispo/Avilla Beach via Santa Barbara up Pacific Highway 1. Had a week there then drove to Yosemite via Fresno (3 nights) Drove south via Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Park, spent a couple of nights in Visalia. Drove to the Grand Canyon via parts of Route 66 avoiding Death Valley. 2 nights at Best Western. Finished up in Vegas for the final week.
    Excellent weather throughout. Over here a compact car is a Toyota Yaris, over there a compact will seat 5 people, fit all the luggage in the trunk, has A/C, Auto, Cruise Control etc.
    The Deep South will be very hot and sticky depending on the time of year. Vegas was hot 48 degC, but very dry.
    The Americans have embraced the internet much more than we have over here. You should have no problem finding places to stay, booking online etc.
    Decide what you want to see and plan a route. The country is vast, (I think the Grand Canyon is the size of Devon and Cornwall) so don't attempt too much. Most roads are quiet. The people are very friendly, and it's more than 2 dollars to the pound. If you're definately going to go to the States you should seriously think about buying dollars now with the favourable exchange rate. Obviously don't put all your money into this, but work something out depending on the number of people going.
    Be prepared for tight security. Some things, such as getting through customs over there, may take much longer than visiting other countries. Once you're in, enjoy yourself.

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