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General Chat Thread, Bullying Awareness Week in General; Hello folx.... As you may or may not know, there's some anti-bullying stuff kicking off in november. In 2007, its ...
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    Bullying Awareness Week

    Hello folx....

    As you may or may not know, there's some anti-bullying stuff kicking off in november. In 2007, its all about "cyber bullying" (does anyone else get irritated by the "cyber" prefix... it's so 1990..but then so is their website: http://www.antibullyingweek.co.uk/ ).

    This got me to thinking.. what can we do to help?
    I'm not just talking about where can we improve our school products to help spot this sort of thing, although such suggestions are welcome... i'm thinking more along the lines of just a bit of contributing to the "shared interest" we all have here - let's face it, there are plenty of parents working here at SmoothWall.

    Perhaps something "in cahoots" with edugeek.. obviously were willing to front some cash/expertise/pr muscle/something to this exercise.. but what? Any ideas?

    Other, less garbage-looking website.. http://www.bullying.co.uk/


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    Re: Bullying Awareness Week

    I didn't know about that so thanks for the info.

    With regards to what we can do to help, how about giving all IT support staff a shotgun and a tazer to for when we end up doing crowd control because there are no teachers in sight.

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    Re: Bullying Awareness Week

    My eyes!!!!! Seriously.... wear sunglasses before looking at the first site.

    The obvious way to help would be some kind of resource that kids to look at if they are being bullied or have been bullied - like a virtual guidance counselor.

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    Re: Bullying Awareness Week

    The site doesn't load for me, although that's probably not a bad thing from what Ric_ says :P

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