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General Chat Thread, Raspberry PI - FTP Server with GUI Interface in General; Hi All Well I have been advised to buy a PI rather than a new full blown machine to run ...
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    Raspberry PI - FTP Server with GUI Interface

    Hi All

    Well I have been advised to buy a PI rather than a new full blown machine to run a departmental FTP server on, its not going to get huge traffic, and all the disk storage is on an external NAS.

    So I have purchased a unit today, (kit form) so comes with SD card, power, lan cable, case, everything i gues you will need to get going.

    My question is.. I am new and I mean new to Linux, what I would like to know is there a FTP app I can install on the PI that has a web interface to manage the day to day running, i.e adding in the NAS for the data, creating users and groups etc. that has a GUI interface for IE. etc.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Most NASs are just linux boxes with management stuff on already. Keep the Pi for playing with, you probably don't need it for a ftp server.

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