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General Chat Thread, 4 GB SD Card Data Recovery in General; ...
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    4 GB SD Card Data Recovery

    Kodak C653 Photos

    Tried various data recovery packages [ recuva, photorec, EASEUS data recov, Cardrecovery ] but still no joy. Photos do exist as I reviewed quite a few of them when taking shots.
    Do I reformat and try data recovery packages or leave it and send off to data recovery company to try – if so, which on ? – pics are on a 4GB SD card.
    Looking for some good advice as this has a load of holiday pix I would like to save. [ Already sent letter to Kodak complaining about the camera !! ]

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    Try PC Inspector File Recovery

    I would not format it at any costs until you are sure you cannot get anything.

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    Try Badcopy Pro BadCopy Pro - Flash Drive, Floppy Disk, CD/DVD and Digital Media Data Recovery Software It's been able to help me when the others you mention haven't. It's a paid for product but there is a trial so you can check if it's going to work first.

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    I think the recovery tools which you have tried, those all are free software. Free tools are not that much good to recover data because it can corrupt other data also. If those pictures are very important for you then give a try to Remo Recover tool. It may resolve all your issues.

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    It would seem its corrupted.

    In the past I have left the card being scanned overnight and it burnt out.

    If they are really really important I would send it to a decent company to try to retrieve them.

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