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    Bike spokes - Lengths

    OK, bit of a weird one this. I snapped a spoke on my bike the other day and as I don't want to potentially goose the wheel further need to get a new spoke before I take to the road again on it. The last time this happened was a couple of years ago and I went to the local bike shop and got one there and fitted it at home myself.
    Part of the problem I have is that this spoke was 'round' and shiny like a normal spoke and my bike wheels have flat black spokes. The local bike shop does not have any of these, but I see there are plenty to be had online. I took a measurement this morning and the length of the spoke is (about) 28cm (11 inches). if someone could please tell me what the actual length I should be looking at ordering is - as I know they are standard sizes) it would be much appreciated. This way I can buy a pack of 10 for about £10 and not have to pay £2.50 for just one. And I'll have lots of spares!

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    Best website I've used:


    Good advice and links to calculators.

    In general, increments are either 0.1 or 0.2mm, so general measuring won't be accurate enough - plus any you've removed from wheel may have been stretched. The correct length is dependent on the rim and the hub - if you're not sure and your combination isn't listed on the calculator, go slightly short - as long as it's not too extreme, it'll still work, whereas too long will either stop you tensioning it or worst case keep puncturing you tubes. Only other thing you might want to watch out for, is if your rim is no longer round (I.e. flat spotted), you might need to go shorter than the calculator says.


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