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General Chat Thread, Why Leopard Isn't Better than Vista in General; Forgetting the whole "my OS is better than yours" thing, I have to say that the first line Apple support ...
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    Re: Why Leopard Isn't Better than Vista

    Forgetting the whole "my OS is better than yours" thing, I have to say that the first line Apple support are having to field lots of stuff at the moment. I was on the line to them eariler (about a hardware fault in a different machine) and it was easier to escalate me to the next line as they were waiting for the next call about Leopard.

    They are aware of the problems, they are being helpful to those that ring up but they try to make sure that people back up first (even using iPods as backup devices). We had a quick chat about possible methods of ensuring the volume is ready for upgrade and it turns out that the volume needs to have 3 scans run over it (fsck?) and the larger the volume the longer the time ...

    I am going to give it a go tonight and see what happens (after another backup of course!)

    They are watching the various forums and if anyone has a confirmed fix they try it out ... and then include it in their internal knowledgebase.

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    Re: Why Leopard Isn't Better than Vista

    Quote Originally Posted by kingswood
    Perhaps if more businesses were using Macs there would be more of an issue with bugs in OS releases. But there is still a large install-base out there and they are vocal!

    An OEM copy of Windows isn't as expensive as you think.

    What anti-trust investigation are you referring to?

    I don't buy a Mac for iMovie- it's part of the excellent software package you can get with an Apple product for buying the hardware but isn't *tied* to the system (like IE and media player were).

    If comments are to be constructive, why are you referring to Apple users (or some of them) as "fanboys"?

    I didn't find the second part of your post constructive at all. In fact it was a little inflammatory!

    iMovie was a example really of a app (btw I did say assorted free software) that people consider to be free. I have had people state that the free software (non apple) justifies the cost of the mac over similar pc solutions but open source exists for both OS's.
    I was not going for inflammatory really, I just wanted people to think about the costs of what appears as free, it adds value but really its not free, just included. I will reword it a little I think using the edit button.

    The EU is looking into apple currently although currently only about the iTunes store situation but personally if Microsoft did what Apple did by bundling so much software with windows (I know some software is bundled with windows such as windows movie maker) the competition would be up in arms. Remember the complaint was mostly based on the fact that because IE etc are built into windows most users wont bother to find a alternate (even if they could remove it) and that means people developing for windows had a harder sell for their wares. How many out there use the "i" software for most of their day to day because its built in and does what you need (like IE really). If you did not have it bundled you would look at the competition more and by that I do not just mean "free" software alternatives.

    As for IE it can be disabled but it is used in "explorer" so thus it cant be removed and I have no problem really as IE is disabled. Its not a security risk and does not exactly bloat the OS while its disabled. In Vista anyway things run in a limited mode to prevent hacks so its more secure inherently. Remember iTunes uses the safari engine for the store and web parts so in theory depending on how much code they ported, there could a common exploit. I know though, you can remove both which is nice.

    As for WMP it can be disabled as well but I also believe MS used shared code for the OS as well in that senario. Even if you could remove the "program files" folder for each you would just have all the DLL's etc as a copy somewhere else for the OS to use anyway.

    The fanboy comments were for the people who when vista was launched, declared it a joke as a OS because people had issues with it. That was not a digg at people here, just anti MS people who blindly say things like that.

    Phew... digging up hill is hard

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    Re: Why Leopard Isn't Better than Vista

    They all have there pros and cons - just depends on what you are trying to achieve or do or which one you prefer.

    What I did find odd is that this is a Windows Versus Mac os ( what happened to linux or any other platform )

    I mean linux has come quite a long way, esp with xgl and was just looking into compiz which I thought was good

    Was just a thought

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    Can you do a Windows Update using a different browser? I think the last time i tried that it wouldn't run.

    I love my macs. I would not go back. It's not the Bells and whistles that come with the machine, it's the stability of the OS. I have not used Vista as of yet so cannot comment on the stability of its product.

    I have also been having my fair few issues with leopard (the main one being my keyboard on the MBP) but even with this, Leopard was still stable when running. Someone mentioned security on OS X. If you use common sense on any platform then you will be better protected, but more common sense is needed and also a vigilant updating process (spyware,virus detection apps etc) to keep on top of this. I haven't got any virus software on my mac at the moment (is this wise?) but i don't feel i need any. I think when a serous virus comes out for the mac then EVERYONE will know about it straight away.

    The free apps are for each platform and they are great. Keep them coming is what i say. It's shows though that will a little effort any app can be ported across regardless. The open source movement is great and some bigger companies could learn a lot from their example.

    I have had big problems with the leopard DVD play back software though.

    One thing Apple do do which i think has one over on Microsoft is being able to take on new hardware advances like EFI. MS don't have this luxury as they need to support all hardware as best as possible.

    But Apple have demonstrated that you can have an EFI boot and still be backwards compatible with BIOS boots, although you don't have as much control with the hardware. Well i don't anyway. Is there a way to tinker with the boot options in EFI?

    This is where the PC industry is good. You have more options at your disposal. But this also gives more confusion to the more basic user.

    But for me, I like my macs and most people that take one up at the moment seems to be thinking the same. Apple must be doing something right, even if it is there marketing.

    Oh, and i forgot. Upgrades to OS X seem to be cheaper as well. With the added benefit of mot being tied to specific hardware. So if i have one copy of Leopard and install on Macbook. Don't like it can re-install tiger and install leopard on G5 powermac.

    PS Haw many processors can a copy of XP be installed on now? is it still 1-2 CPUs?
    Does this mean you have to purchase 2 licenses if you want to run it on a quad core machine?
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