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General Chat Thread, Gappy for the year!?! in General; Good morning guys and girls! My full time techie decided to hand in his notice early last week and therefor ...
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    Gappy for the year!?!

    Good morning guys and girls!

    My full time techie decided to hand in his notice early last week and therefor we need to fill his boots again.

    However, looking through his responsibilities I could take back quite a bit of his work and I feel that I would just need someone to do mainly the very basic admin things. Ie: morning checks, password changed, logging fault calls and changing toners etc.

    So I have decided that I'd like to try using a gap student for the year. This will be on a term time only basis apart from a few extra days in the summer holidays.

    Has anyone else gone down this road? Did it work?


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    If by gap year you mean a Uni student in a sandwich placement year, you might have a problem with the term time only basis. It usually has to be at least 48 weeks to meet the requirements of their course.

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    When I did a sandwich course a few years ago I did term time only but because I was eager (read stupid lol) I did 3 days a week minimum during holidays as I felt I was missing out. Pay was around 9k and I loved it and was grateful of the opportunity it gave me. Now I'm a senior tech in a secondary and I'm awesome (opinion of staff not mine).

    My original NM did say he had some awful student techs so be carful, but the chance for a year's experience at the moment is worth it's weight in gold. Hope that helps.

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