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General Chat Thread, Gunnar eyewear in General; Hi peeps I came across this earlier today and wanted to know if anyone has used them? It's basically eye ...
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    Gunnar eyewear

    Hi peeps I came across this earlier today and wanted to know if anyone has used them? It's basically eye wear to help reduce eye strain over long periods. I had a recent eye appointment and all checked out well as I don't need glasses, but since a lot of us are infront of screens I was thinking of buying a pair. http://www.gunnars.co.uk

    I'm still navigating the website so haven't read too much into it but seems interesting.

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    My personal opinion... if your eyes are going to fail, they will.

    I don't sit in front of a screen for long periods, maybe you do. I am always getting up from my desk and moving around. I have appalling eyesight and have done since I was 14... long before PCs were generally available.

    If you are addicted to gaming, then maybe. Otherwise save your money and change your viewing habitsl

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    Ars did a review a while ago: Leveling up your eyesight with gaming glasses? Ars explores | Ars Technica

    I spend pretty ridiculous amounts of time in front of a screen (got to keep the geek online ) and I have a pair myself which I love.
    Btw that appears to really be a .no site, I got mine from GUNNAR Gunnar Optiks, advanced computer & gaming eyewear

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    Just take short breaks from the screen every hour, every 10-15 minutes squeeze your eyelids together for a few seconds to rehydrate the surface of your eyes.

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