Hello everyone,

I added 3 or 4 clipart CD clipart files into the Gallery with no problem; then, I added a bunch of Web Clips files from another CD; and that's when the problem came: it showed no clip arts at all; even when they were on the gallery.
I deleted the file on the Gallery file, but the theme was still on the Ooo4kids interface - right click did not work either
I uninstalled and delete the Ooo4kids remanent files - three times. I even remove the files inserted on the Gallery and change the name of them
Whenever I reinstalled Ooo4kids, all the themes are there; including the one I want to remove!
I have Ooo4kids on Windows 8

Is there a way to clean up or remove the unwanted theme(s)

Thank you very much for your help.

Ricardo G. Manrique
Thank you for your help.