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General Chat Thread, Batman & Superman Team Up in General; Originally Posted by Greenbeast This feels like it's gonna be rubbish. I saw Man of Steel, it was awful. Dark ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenbeast View Post
    This feels like it's gonna be rubbish.

    I saw Man of Steel, it was awful.

    Dark Knight Trilogy was awesome
    I really enjoyed the recent Batman trilogy, but felt the first was the best of the lot.

    As for Man of Steel, I really loved it. It was the first 'serious' attempt, or perhaps intelligent attempt at telling the Superman story as a movie. I'm really looking forward to the Batman / Superman film based on the quality of MOS alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ICTDirect_Dave View Post
    Too friendly?

    They've gone to some really dark places in recent years.

    Plus the Superman/Batman comics are brilliant. Not to mention the Animated adaptation of Public Enemies, that was superb!

    I'm liking that they seem to be basing parts of this on the Dark Knight Returns somewhat. It's one of my all time favorites
    Sorry, to clarify there Dave, I was referring to the films, havent read any comic in years, last series I read was all of the Preacher stuff by Garth Ennis and looking back that was about 12 years ago now .
    I liked the new batman films compared to the old 90s ones, but for me I think I am generally a Marvel guy overall, my fave DC guy is Green Lantern and the least said about that recent film, the better

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    I don't understand why people dislike the GL film so much. I thought it was a good film.

    Special effects - nothing short of awesome for the construct, the energy suits and Parallax
    Training scenes - granted, pretty short, and Oa could have been visually nicer (more attune to the comics and cartoons rather than giving the effects guys free reign)
    Storyline - pretty much as it happened in the comics, only they spent to short a time on Jordans initial training and parallax was imprisoned at the end of the story arc, not burnt in the sun
    Ending - opened up nicely for the sinestro wars

    Explain to me, where did it go wrong?

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