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General Chat Thread, ICTTECHNICIAN.COM + Unhappy bunny. in General; OK, several of the mods and I have received a rather, how shall I put it? Sharp? Email from the ...
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    ICTTECHNICIAN.COM + Unhappy bunny.

    OK, several of the mods and I have received a rather, how shall I put it? Sharp? Email from the webmaster there (the one who put his name to all of the spam? fully solicited commercial correspondence? and now has asked us to remove it from our site). He asks if we would be a bit more careful when using or refering to his site. He has aked that we remove any personal references to him, even the public domain ones. So sorry to those of you who had your posts edited, and he askes that his site should be treated as an entity and resource in it's own right, and not as a copy of EduGeek.

    Also sometimes things maybe public domain but sometimes not wise to post it.

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    Re: ICTTECHNICIAN.COM + Unhappy bunny.

    posted on behalf of tony:

    Mark over at ICTTechnician.com was indeed unhappy on a number of things.

    Most of this has been covered between private emails and the
    situation is that personal information has been removed from
    EduGeek.net. The fact that the information was publically available
    is not the point. It was personal info and could have been
    potentially harmful.

    The same way the email addresses that where used to send out
    information about Mark's site are publically available. A number of
    people here have issues about it being spam, but it raises the
    question about the use of publically available materials.

    As regular posters it is possible that we need to think about the
    ramifications about what we post here ... but also accept that what
    we generally find ok is not the case elsewhere. Mark was also
    concerned that he was being spammed in return when I started sticking
    the Edugeek link in my sig. It is his prerogative not to have
    advertising (in fact his sponsorship precludes some of this) and I
    accept this ...

    Oranges are not the only fruit and I am sure that we all hope that
    both edugeek and icttechnician can live side by side ... sharing
    information and resources. Heck ... they share the same goals and
    some of the same users.

    In the meantime an additional section of the wiki is running ...
    other support groups.

    There are several out there and people are free to add those that
    they think are relevant.
    As always advertising is to be limited to those sites that do
    actually add something to the list.


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