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General Chat Thread, Weird RIS problem today..............! in General; I had 12 Dell 500 laptops today to re-image with RIS . All laptops were purchased at the same time ...
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    Weird RIS problem today..............!

    I had 12 Dell 500 laptops today to re-image with RIS. All laptops were purchased at the same time so all same spec. I built an image and set about deploying it. I had got up to 7 imaging and then started to image 8 when it complained it did not have the correct NIC drivers???????????.

    It did the same on the 9th then 10th of which then i gave up. When the first 7 finished imaging I tried the remaining ones again and away they went without no problems or complaints about the NIC driver????????????

    Is this weird or what or can someone explain this?

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    Re: Weird RIS problem today..............!

    If you look at the Service tag there may be some common characters in the 7 group and some in the 8 group that aren’t in the 7 group if you get me. If so this is because they have used different components. the characters are at the begging or the end of the service tag im not sure

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