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General Chat Thread, STRIKE! in General; What has Gove got to do with Pay and Pensions?...
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    What has Gove got to do with Pay and Pensions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by witch View Post
    In the schools I work in, there are not enough teachers striking to make any difference at all anyway
    This is what happened at my previous job, even the head of the unions on site didn't even strike. Of all the teachers at the school only 1 went on strike, talking to the union rep she told me if they went on strike they would just sit at home and do some work. One person told me she would just go shopping spending money she didn't have!!

    So how does it look for these unions going on strike that no one is supporting the unions including the reps who would rather just work?!

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    I wouldn't mind so much if they were actively trying to change their role for the better on the strike days. Instead I heard reports of shopping trips and days out instead of being on a picket line or protesting outside the local town hall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmcd35 View Post
    The BBC news story this morning about the gov changin their minds on plain cigerate packets made me laugh:

    "We don't want to rush any decisions that can have such a long term impact"

    Clearly one memo Michael Gove has never recieved!
    Ban all the lunchboxes!

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