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General Chat Thread, Building a New Desk in General; I built a custom desk for my room about 5 years ago or more and still use it. I had ...
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    I built a custom desk for my room about 5 years ago or more and still use it. I had some 2x4 lying around from some construction we were getting done to the house so used that as the legs and support. I then got some 3/4 mdf cut to a specific size and also ordered some reinforced toughened glass of the same size from the local glaziers. The reason I did this is so i could sandwich a specific comic book poster between the mdf and toughened glass. I had a can of silver spray paint left so sprayed all the legs with that and had my completed desk. I still love it to this day only thing i would probably do now is order some metal legs from ikea or somewhere and replace the 2x4. MDF edges can be an eye sore especially if you spill something it will soak it up and look bad. So definitely take into consideration the wood you will use. Good Luck with the project!

    This is the the poster i used Its a big poster 140 cm in length Building a New Desk-cp1330-heroes.jpg

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    Biscuit joints are the way forward with MDF. Once set up they are also very quick.

    I'd agree with those that say 18mm is perhaps a little thin for the top; you can get 25mm, or laminate two bits of 18 together. Trimming the front edge would be good to give a nice finish. The other edges will take paint much better if you sand them, paint with a thin coat of PVA, then give a light sand. After this, paint as normal, if you don't the paint just soaks in.

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    After a quick call to my Cousin, looks like the plan is making a frame from timber and cladding it with MDF top and bottom and using strip would as edging, as suggested above....as for sides Im trying to get hold of some "T-Legs" with cable management slots in them and build a small trolley type thing for the base-unit and microserver to stand on

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