Poll: So when do you wash?

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General Chat Thread, When do you wash? in General; @ Flatpackhamster I shower straight after sex. The water company sent someone round to check on my meter because it ...
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    I shower straight after sex. The water company sent someone round to check on my meter because it hadn't budged in years and they thought it was broken.
    This made me spout tea all over the keyboard!!! Thanks for a good laugh this morning

    I bath every morning before work and wash hair daily too. I truly hate weekend days wandering Tynemouth Market and walk past some minger who obviously has had a shower bypass!!!

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    Mornings for me, if I've got particularly sweaty or have gotten myself grubby in the garden or somesuch then I'll have one in the afternoon or evening as well. I hate the thought that I might smell remotely like some of the smelly skanks that walk past me in the supermarket, there's no excuse for it.

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    Always have a shower in the morning, occasionally in the evening too but only if it's been really hot. Couldn't not have one in the morning, especially in the summer when it's quite warm at night

    Although was at Glasto until Monday and still surprisingly smelt ok despite no shower in 5 days! (used wetwipes though)

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    I usually take shower just before going to bed. I have rather long hair and just don't have time to dry them in the morning. In addition, I need to wash off all sweat, dust and negative emotions, that I got during the working day. I can't imagine going to bed with all this staff.

    In winter I like taking baths, but not too often.

    But in summer, when it very hot (now it is about +31+35 during the day and +19+22 at night) I may need to go to shower in the morning or even when I go to have lunch to my grandmother. All depends on weather and on what I am doing. For example, after sunbathing and swimming in the river or working in the garden it is necessary to take a shower
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