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General Chat Thread, Live Twitter Feed - Can it be moderated? in General; Hi, We have a few special school days coming up, one being a "Big Walk" where student will be out ...
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    Live Twitter Feed - Can it be moderated?


    We have a few special school days coming up, one being a "Big Walk" where student will be out completing an 8 mile walk in the countryside. We are being asked If students could take out their phones and live tweet something like #BigWalk as they complete the walk.

    Regarding students having their phones out and using them is now OK as the school policy has changed, but im thinking what if a student or even an external "tweeter" tweets inappropriate content on the school twitter feed?
    Can tweets be moderated first? I cant be the only one in this situation?


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    Twitter is a public service and cannot be moderated at all. The best you can do is delete tweets from your own timeline and that's it.

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    If you're just looking to embed a moderated list on your website that can be achieved either using something like TinyTweet or even CoverItLive (although this has capacity issues sometimes). I used to have a moderated tweetwall script that used lists and favourites to do the moderation but the last API update kiboshed it.

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    Conference Tools - Twubs is another online service... or if you have the time & inclination you can grab the public timeline streaming api from Twitter API Programming Tips, Tutorials, Source Code Libraries and Consulting by Adam Green – 140Dev.com and apply mods (as mentioned on their frontpage) to get it to work with current twitter api, and that'll then scrape the twitter public timeline for your hashtag and drop them all into a MySQL database for you to do whatever you want with...

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