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General Chat Thread, Introduction and a little bit more..Interview related content! in General; Originally Posted by mthomas08 Have to agree with Witch, one of my first tasks in my new job was dealing ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mthomas08 View Post
    Have to agree with Witch, one of my first tasks in my new job was dealing with Interviewing a new Technician. I had to look through all the CVs and interview each one, if some one wasn't able to turn up we would only allow another date if he/she looked very good.

    You never know though, if you really do interest them they may allow another date.
    Think he's already been for the interview

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    As above, I had already been to the interview and they had agreed to moving the date.

    The IT task consisted of building a PC, not completely, just adding the hdd, ram, floppy, optical to the system.
    Then I had to boot the pc and add it do a domain, before finally editing a simple Web page.

    The interview was a panel interview with the Head, a couple of Governors and the schools Business Manager and most, if not all of the questions were related to the person specification in the application pack.
    Prioritising workloads
    Awareness of health and safety regarding children 'young people'.
    Nothing technical really, they were interested in my comptia a+ though and questioned a couple of things on my application form.

    All in all I thought I had a really good interview but suffice to say, I didn't get the job. Because I'm on holiday I haven't managed to get any proper feedback other then that they liked me, thought I was extremely charismatic and personalable but the successful candidate had more experiences he could draw upon and he was already working in a school environment.. Annoying.

    Ah well, thank you all for your support. I will continue using the site to look for job vacancies! I hope this thread will be of use to other prospective candidates the future.
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    I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get the job but keep trying. When one door closes another one will open..

    Keep smiling and enjoy the rest of your holiday.

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    Sorry to hear you didn't get it but have you considered asking them if they would let you do some work experience there? Even if it is only one day a week it will get you experience of working in schools and will look great on your CV. Also if the person they did employ doesn't work out you will already have a foot in the door.

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