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General Chat Thread, ICT Department Staff in General; I wonder if would be willing to share the following information with me. How many specialist teaching ICT staff do ...
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    ICT Department Staff

    I wonder if would be willing to share the following information with me.

    How many specialist teaching ICT staff do you have / how many pupils do you have. (I'm not interested in technican staff). I'll also take non-specialist ICT staff (how many lessons and whom do they teach?)

    How many Key Stage 3 lessons you have allocated for each class in each year group. How many GCSE lessons ICT/Comp Sci style subjects get. Do you have a Sixth form - if so which courses (ICT/Comp etc) and how many lessons they have.

    We are as follows:

    730 pupils
    1 Head of ICT (me) - 54 out of 60 lessons a fortnight
    1 non-specialist - 1 lesson a week.
    Key Stage 3 - 1 50 min lesson a week
    Key STage 4 - 5 lessons a fortnight
    Key Stage 5 - 10 lessons a fortnight.

    I'm trying to collect this information because I believe I need another specialist in school to help with the department.

    I could ask on the TES forums but I hope more will answer here.

    Thanks everyone,

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    OK, I have this info in my head as I am the timetabler here, so:

    998 pupils (11-16 Mixed Comp)
    We have a two week 50 period timetable, all lessons are one hour.

    3 IT staff, IT Dept teaches (from next year) Business and Info Systems GCSE, Comp Sci GCSE and Cambridge Nationals IT course.
    IT is not compulsory at KS4, students have a free choice.

    For next year, we will have:

    KS3 - 2 one hour IT lessons per fortnight. We have 8 classes in 8 and 9, 6 in year 7, so thats 44 IT lessons required in KS3.
    One of our IT staff also teaches 4 Business lessons per fortnight in Year 8.
    KS4 Year 10 - 5 lessons per fortnight each of Business, IT and Computer studies. There are two IT groups, so that is 20 lessons.
    KS4 Year 11 - 6 lessons per fortnight for 6 IT groups, thats 36 lessons.

    So we need 104 lessons teaching in the IT Dept.
    Our Head of IT, as a HOD in a "Smaller" Dept is expected to teach 40 periods out of 50 per fortnight, 2 of which are PSE for his form, so he teaches 38 periods in the Dept.
    One of the other IT teachers is a Head of Year, they teach 36 periods per fortnight.
    The other is a mainscale IT teacher, they teach 42 periods, 40 of which are IT (again, he is a form teacher).
    So we have 114 periods available in the Dept this year.
    The Dept also has a specialist HLTA who works only in the IT Dept supporting pupils in IT lessons.

    To be fair, I would consider our staffing generous, but even so, you seem like you are getting a bit of raw deal there as you are so involved in the tech side as well.
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    We have 1200 students with 1 Head of IT, 1 IT Coordinator and 1 split with another subject (so non specialist).

    I dont know how the lessons break down, but we are a high school with 6th form if that is of any help!

    They are only concerned with teaching IT as a subject- all other IT matters are handled by me (NM) and my techician.

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    We have no ICT specialist teachers, our main person teaching ICT is an Art teacher by qualification.


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    I have worked in 6 different schools over the years, generally it has been like this

    1 HOIT
    1 IT Teacher for every 300 pupils. (2 lessons a week at 30 in a class. gives 5 non contacts a week).
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    When I was Head of IT

    Yr7-9 - 1 hour a week (completing the BTEC Extended Cert in yr 9)
    Yr10-11 - Computer Science (AQA) 2.5 hours a week (3 hours in one year, 2 hours in the other)

    HoD: 21/25 lessons [2 PPA, 2LTM]
    Other lessons taught by non-specialists
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