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General Chat Thread, I seem to have some money for a project to "push IT forward"... in General; Originally Posted by Flatpackhamster Photos from the edge of space using a helium balloon? Something linking the school with a ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flatpackhamster View Post
    Photos from the edge of space using a helium balloon? Something linking the school with a local charity or local group in a techish way?
    Heck! For 10,000 you could start your own space program!

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    Do you have many disabled kids? If so you could spend some money on accessibility for IT like touch screens, big keyboards, camera mice (free if you already have a webcam) adjustable desks/monitor brackets or special software for input for people with low literacy. We use this stuff all the time as we are a special school but I know that mainstream schools are getting what used to be our more able kids now. This will look great to other schools, ofsted and parents if you are ahead of other nearby schools in this area. This is a very basic overview but if you want more detail I'd be happy to help.

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    My reason for suggesting putting your foot down is simple: if you spend 10k on something you probably quite rightly feel is worthwhile and SLT/someone else feels otherwise, you don't have much to fall back on.

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    Just be thankful you've been given the option....when our head noticed he had 10k in a budget that was free to be used on anything he went out and dumped a load of iPads on us that we didn't want....no research went into their use, never asked us a single question :/

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    Remote access - as someone has mentioned this has been received really well by students, staff and SLT and improved a number of issues including students\staff losing work, data protection, software compatability issues etc

    Better Progress analysis systems - again this has been received really well here by SLT and this means data is used more comprehensively and effectively.

    Parental Gateway - if you don't already have one better parental involvement in students learning.Can also save some money less printed reports.

    Digital Signage.

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