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General Chat Thread, Anyone any good with Xibo in General; Hello everyone. I am sorry to have to ask such a stupid question here but i am getting no help ...
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    Anyone any good with Xibo

    Hello everyone. I am sorry to have to ask such a stupid question here but i am getting no help at all on the Xibo Forum. I am a Music technology project co-ordinator so HTML and web servers are not my strong point but I have set up a Digital singage system at the charity centre I work for. We are trying to put a screen in the client common room with a freeview box plugged into a capture card which is then streamed via vlc on an rtp feed to a region on Xibo running on that machine. The idea is that the clients can control the tv feed and enjoy their programs while we control the rest of the data feed. My problem is that my rtp feed will work as an html file from the desktop in IE8 or as a single region in Xibo (although it needs to be refreshed once its opened by right clicking and hitting refresh) but the secound i add a PPT or anything it stops working and I only get the sound. Now by reading and searching I have figured that it might work by saving my desktop HTML file to the server and pointing Xibo at it as a web page.... Issue being is I have no idea where to save the file on the server. I installed and set the system up and just let everything install as defult and followed the instructions on the wiki. Could anyone please point me in the right direction as its really frustrating as we are so so close.

    Many thanks

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    What OS is the server running? For instance - our Xibo server is running Debian, so we have Apache installed and running for hosting web content in the default /var/www folder. We just stick content in there (like our custom birthdays script) for Xibo to access, but it'll work hosted on any web server in theory.

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    we have had an issue with Xibo lately where all I get is the background. The PowerPoint which I have added to a region just does not appear! so frustrating. I had set up a second instance of Xibo on our network as we were still using one of the earlier versions which had borked up the past couple of days.I know this might be a little off the original post but if anybody has any suggestions that would be great!

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