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General Chat Thread, Apple integration with AD cost in General; Be prepared for a lot of frustration setting these up and keeping them going. We have around 50 macs and ...
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    Be prepared for a lot of frustration setting these up and keeping them going. We have around 50 macs and an Xserve and they really can take up a lot of your time. Deploy Studio is very good though and free!

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    Take a look at RM orbit, we have been field trailing it the last couple of months and its available for order now although not quite released and this will give you much of the integration for well under a grand and you don't need a CCx network.

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    I think the judgement on the cost depends in just how much hand holding you're getting from the engineer. If they are going to doing the following for you then it may be worth it if you have
    no experience in the area:

    1. Determine your requirements and go through possible solutions (magic triangle with AD, OD, and WGM, or just AD and Profiles)

    2. Ensure your environment is compatible and there are no issues such as having a .local domain (it could still be done, but the results wouldn't be great)

    3. Configure Mac server to requirements (including DeployStudio or similar for imaging)

    4. Create image to SOE requirements and upload to imaging server, test with you to ensure meets requirements,

    5. Test deploy SOE image and ensure bindings, file mapping, printing and other management profiles or management preferences do what you expect and that nothing is missing or not working properly.

    5. Deploy 100 Macs and ensure working as expected and to requirements.

    If they will be doing all of that, then it might just be money well-spent. If you have no clue about Macs or how to manage them, particularly in a Windows server environment then a good engineer holding your hand through all of this will save you many headaches. Imagine setting up an AD, DNS, file and print server, all of the GPOs, and an imaging server (GHOST OR FOG) if you had no clue about Windows or AD and that is the equivalent of what you are about to do in the Mac world. Someone with plenty of experience and knowledge will be well worth it. Of course, they do need to be knowledgeable and experienced....
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    Quote Originally Posted by ozydave View Post
    This is my detailed breakdown

    Setup all the MAC Server, create a client MAC Image (which there could be multiple), distribute the image to all MACs and integrate it into Active Directory.

    Would we need more than one mac server? Defo only need one image, the mac are going into music and media

    So do you think I should tell them to go jump
    I wouldn't be too quick to send them away if you need *someone* to do it because you don't have any of your own resources and/or (as @seawolf mentions) you don't have any in-house skills. What if all the other quotes you get for the job are more expensive?

    If you really do need multiple, complex images building and there are complications with your current AD config then this quote might turn out to be more reasonable than it appears on first look... If you're after some training to go along with the configuration work then I could easily see this running to five days work, if not more.

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