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    Angry How quick did you resign

    Has anybody actually ever resigned before they got there first pay packet ???

    I got that really fed up feeling today, after managing to get my school £40,000 they wasn't expecting
    I find out they have cut my budget.

    They money will be paid as £20,000 this month to spend on IT and then £20,000 next April to spend on IT,
    on top of that I should have had a £35,000 per year budget giving me £55,000 a year for the next 2 years, happy days I hear you say.

    But now I find out that as they see I have £20k to spend I don't need the budget anymore any will be allocating me £400 a month for IT,
    I can't do anything with that, I even have restrictions on what I can spend the £20k a year on as well.

    Never actually resigned before my first payday before but I'm damn close at the moment.

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    I have, i lasted 2 weeks. I went back to my old place.

    Since then i have stuck to things (well until i had 2 schools close on me).

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    Stick with it. It might be disheartening to get that sort of news but it may be worth a chat with the right people to find out reasons. How much have you got to deal with - how many machines, how many staff, and draw up a plan of action, maybe with a "traffic light" system - what you'd like to do with money no object, what you'd like to do that you believe would be the best for the school to achieve specific targets required by the curriculum and what you *can* do with the budget you've been allocated. Do this over a 3 year plan and keep chummy with the finance team.

    Schools will often find themselves in difficult situations financially and there may be good reasons for this. You might find that a positive outlook and a firm plan of action could put you in a strong position; not only for the school and most importantly it's pupils, but for you as someone who can get things done under difficult circumstances. Ask what you can do to help bearing in mind those difficulties. And don't be afraid to ask for help here, throw us some numbers (existing station specs, state of consumables etc etc) and plenty of people will happily throw you an opinion.

    Sorry it's not directly answering your question though Shortest time I've resigned (in fact, I've only resigned from anywhere twice) was 3 years

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    I walked out once on my first day at a company as an electronics test technician. I had moved from Brighton to Hastings after my then boyfriend had gone back home and I took the job in a bit of a hurry.
    The people weren't friendly, the job seemed dull and I just KNEW it was wrong. I thought about it and realised that I hadn't yet gone to HR to give them my bank details etc. So I left (and left a jacket behind as well). No mobiles then and I didnt have a landline. They never wrote to me and I was out of work for about 6 weeks. Went back to Brighton and found another job. I can't imagine what I said about the gap in my CV!
    Completely out of character - which is why I know it was the right thing to do...but it was many years before I told my parents what I had done!
    But as for you, @Homeland, DON'T do it - not a good idea anyway, but especially not in this economic climate. Can you meet with SLT and lay out your concerns about the budget you have been left with? Perhaps if you can give them real figures about costs which will really show that the £400 a month is not enough. Often they have no idea what things actually cost. Can you ask exactly why you aren't getting the money you thought you would be - maybe there is a good reason - something that you don't know about?
    Hang on in there - start looking around if you want to, but DON'T resign yet
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    I came very close to early resignation in my last role. I was given such a hard time by the then Bursar that I could have walked out in the first week and the only thing that kept me there was knowing she was retiring in a few months. I am glad that I stuck it out; it was worth the pain.

    I was there 8 years which is more than I can say for the Bursar's successors. The first stayed 2 years and the next 10 days!
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    I walked out after six months, started with a rubbish budget and thought that the school could be convinced/sanitised into actually giving ICT the time of day. Turned out there were deeper problems which there was no way I could resolve. A year or so later the management and senior staff were ripped out and replaced by much more professional staff. I did have the opportunity to go back and start fixing their ICT with the new management but my first experience was so sour that I couldn't bring myself to do it.

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    I accepted a job offer at a software house whilst waiting for the results of psychometric testing from another place which had a better vacancy - I started the job and then got accepted by the other place on my 3rd day in post. I resigned on the Thursday and left on the Friday. Understandably they were very miffed at being messed about and refused to pay me for the week I was there - unfortunately I was so skint (after being made redundant from previous employment and with a mortgage to pay) I had to drag them through the Small Claims court to get my money - not my finest hour :-(

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    Back in the 1990s, when work was plentiful, I started a job and resigned at lunch time on the first day. My girlfriend phoned me around 11:00 to let me know that I'd been offered a much better job than the one I took. About four years ago I lasted a week at one job and quit for a job that I really wanted. I didn't get paid for either.

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    I stuck a job out for a year, as I had been made lots of promises when I started, about how quickly decisions were made, how flush they were with cash to do what they wanted, how nice everyone was. Turned out decision making was a nightmare - the management of the IT team was ridiculous after my manager at the start left suddenly, with us being passed from pillar to post and ending up 'managed' by the head of IT (who only focussed any of her energy on the IT dept). Any real decisions had to go through the operations manager. Our summer plans took us more than 6 months to finalise, with me having to go back and forth with suppliers far too many times, only to be told (after the orders had been signed!) that we had to go to tender instead. Staff in the school were departmentally cliquey, and no-one spoke to us unless they wanted something. We didn't have an office of our own, instead we were an afterthought, tucked into one department's office until they decided they needed it for something else, then we moved to another department's office which had terrible ventilation and no opening windows.

    I should've gone earlier, a lot earlier, but I am too 'loyal' to completely drop anyone in it.

    There's no harm in you looking elsewhere I'd say.

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