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General Chat Thread, Please Sign - Close AskFM Down (If you agree) in General; True indeed. It's rather unfortunate that the majority of this will be happening via a technology out of our control; ...
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    True indeed. It's rather unfortunate that the majority of this will be happening via a technology out of our control; smartphones.

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    I think that major advertisers pulling out will have far more effect than a petition, there was formspring me before that site and there will be others. What needs to be done is to educate students to steer clear of these sites, if they can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Not wishing to sound flippant as these deaths are tragic. There are loads of unsavory sites on the internet and teenagers should be taught to evaluate their merit before using them.

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    No not really, they will just take advertising money from less savoury industries (gambling, porn, etc). Besides, there are far worse places on the internet than ask.fm, for example 4chan. (NSFL)
    Last edited by Geoff; 12th August 2013 at 09:44 AM.

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    Shutting the site down would be a disproportionate response to the problem. My own feed on Twitter has plenty of people having fun with Ask.fm and whilst the content isn't always safe for work, what someone chooses to reply to on their timeline is down to them. Ask.fm isn't forced upon you, if it is no longer fun to use then why use it? It's a human problem at the end of the day and whilst I'd certainly block it in school in a heartbeat, you can't force a technical solution outside of school grounds.

    Ask.fm will merely be another casualty of recent hysterical screaming about filtering and social media. It won't end nicely.

    On the note of the Daily Mail who want this "vile website shut down" do bear in mind this is the paper who went on an anti-troll campaign whilst simultaneously demanding that Stephen Fry unleash his Twitter followers against Russian arts groups due to the recent Sochi controversy (doesn't take much to realise that would just end in trolls joining in).

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