Hi all,

I have working in a temporal test location part of my CCTV system.
The Dahua DVR with just one Eye01W camera.
On the real location there are a couple more cameras.

Recently I have bought a switch, Netgear GSM7224R, profesional one with 24 ports, to help me with CCTV and Ethernet distribution.

All documents I can read, they recoment to use VLAN capable switch in order to create virtual networks to keep difefrent IP traffic sepparated (CCTV, WiFi, alarm, guests, etc) and improve the network performance.

I am telling all this story because i noticed that the DVR and IP camera are working perfect on the switch with default configuration, but when I create VLANs and I leave them in one of them, the DVR fails. It is not able to be connected to the IP camera stable.

I wonder if someone else had this problem or if has VLAN+CCTV experience.

Thank you