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General Chat Thread, No Sympathy. in General; Originally Posted by Miscbrah And while I'm at it, quitting smoking seems to be different for everyone who does it ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miscbrah View Post
    And while I'm at it, quitting smoking seems to be different for everyone who does it successfully. But EVERYONE who does it will tell you it's a right sod.
    I am currently not smoking as I've been trying to give up, since the New Year. I've been smoking since I was 15 and that is a long time...

    I am as a lot of people have been, way past any of the numbers of X-13's table of nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

    However, I am still daily needing a huge amount of willpower to resist starting again.


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    ..which is why , even as a Pagan, I give things up for Lent every year! It sort of hones my willpower and proves to me that I CAN give something up (not comparing it to obesity issues or smoking before anyone jumps down my throat!)
    I managed to give up smoking eventually but even then, personal issues would send me straight back on the fags after years of abstention. I am still addicted and cold start again tomorrow - I CHOOSE not too and it does get easier over time.

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    We had some friends years ago (lost touch with them when we moved). They both smoked. He smoked about 60 a day. She smoked about 5 a day.
    We persuaded them to give up.
    He just gave up. She had terrible trouble.
    I actually saw her on the sofa crying and very grey and shaking for a fag!
    In the end they both started again.
    So addiction for one is very dif then addiction for another.

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