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General Chat Thread, The first problem to fix of the morning in General; Just a little tale of my first job of the day, made me chuckle a little. So I enter my ...
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    The first problem to fix of the morning

    Just a little tale of my first job of the day, made me chuckle a little.

    So I enter my office and the phone is already ringning and apparently a few services aren't working properly for everyone in the main building (i'm in a seperate one) and the news is delivered in the usual overdramatic apocolyptic tone so I don't rush very fast.

    Once i've made my way over to the main building I ask a user to log in and I see that it doesn't load the profile correctly so I ipconfig because I already have an educated guess of the problem and yes it's diconnected and so i guess is everyone else over here which means one of the cabs between this building and the server room is down.

    I locate the offending cabinet which is an overloaded 6U cab with a fibre patch panel some cat patch panels a couple of switches and a cisco router, all are powerless. So i guess one of the pupils has kicked the power switch as unfortunately this cab is located under the desks in the library. Now the cabinet is massivly full of cat5e so the door doesn't close properly but is still attached. I switch the power on and everything comes to life and i swing the door closed. Now as the door is closing it bounces off the patch leads cusioning it and swings back out, the door and the power outlet are so perfectly spaced that the edge of the door hits the switch of the power outlet and turns itself off, i had to laugh that the cabinet can turn itself off.

    Sorry for boring you

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    Re: The first problem to fix of the morning

    Lol. Not had a self turning off cabinet before... however I've been told the computers in part of the school aren't working to find that someone has flicked the switch on the plug socket to the cabinet on more then one occasion. It mostly happens during the holidays when people get paranoid about leaving things turned on.

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    Re: The first problem to fix of the morning

    I would put a sign do not switch off but that will probably encourage pupils to do exactly that.

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    Re: The first problem to fix of the morning

    Many years ago I worked at a site (IBM Mainframe) where the football-pitch sized computer room had emergency power-off (EPO) buttons located at various points around the room perimeter; one night shift the operators were bored and decided to play with a frisby..... a fluke shot hit the EPO and powered the whole place down, leaving an eerie silence. It took 3 hours to get everything powered back up & working. A week or two later clear perspex covers were installed over the EPO switches.......

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    Re: The first problem to fix of the morning

    Reminds me of A Story About Magic

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