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    Red face Calling all PFI schools...

    Happy lunch time

    I was hoping that any PFI school people out there might be able to give some advice to a school who are under contract, and are being charged WAY over price for installation of double sockets and running cables through ceiling.

    They are looking at upgrading their wireless and need new points, but it's looking to be around £1000 per double socket - totalling far more than the hardware will!

    Any advice on what can be done on this?

    Thank you all in advance,


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    Get quotes from other companies yourself and argue over it. They will say it's for maintenance over the lifetime of the PFI, but you'll find most decent installers will provide a 25 year warranty on the cabling anyway.
    We ended up getting the structured cabling removed from the PFI contract as they were doing such a poor job with it.

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