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General Chat Thread, Roll on Friday!! in General; Ever just had one of those weeks? Monday: Locked my keys in the car! Luckily Wrangler hinges are on the ...
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    Roll on Friday!!

    Ever just had one of those weeks?

    Monday: Locked my keys in the car! Luckily Wrangler hinges are on the outside....
    Tuesday: Got in the car, only to find some tool had moved my steering wheel... (Wrong side).
    Wednesday: Got in a flap, couldn't figure out the ramp to the highway and ended up driving 2 miles in the wrong direction just to turn around....
    And this morning...... Locked my keys in the car AGAIN!!! slid off the driveway into the ditch......
    Luckily old faithful (despite her stealing my keys and having her apparatus on the wrong side) is much more reliable than I, and the ditch and 2ft of snow was no match for her 4wd capabilities. (TFFT)!

    I'm telling you, so much as a hair out of place tomorrow morning and I'm staying in bed!
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    Get another car...it's telling you something

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    I'd give you the EduHobnobs but you'd lock them in the car...

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