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General Chat Thread, Companies selling details... in General; Out of the 10 new emails this morning, one has got me a bit concerned. Apparently, Becky McCartney "would like ...
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    Exclamation Companies selling details...

    Out of the 10 new emails this morning, one has got me a bit concerned.

    Apparently, Becky McCartney "would like to add [me] to [her] professional network on LinkedIn"

    Firstly... Who the [censored] are you? and HOW THE BEJEZUS DID YOU GET MY WORK EMAIL?!

    Apparently she works for Ideonic and Skull Monkey, 2 companies I've never heard of until today.

    Ideonic is a game company [I think... their site looks good but has NO information] so I wouldn't have approched them for anything. Skull Monkey appears to be her freelance business... And a quick search of the BETT site for them has 0 results, meaning there's very little chance I got drive-by scanned. [Though, Edugeek isn't on there either...]

    But, even if they were at BETT... Why would you randomly send LinkedIn invites to someone you don't know?

    Am I right in being wary of this or am I just overthinking it?

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    I setup a fresh email address for my BETT registration this year, it hasn't been used for anything else - I ticked all the boxes saying I didn't want to be contacted by anyone etc..

    That email address gets two or three unsolicited emails a day from people I have never heard of.. mostly IT businesses trying to sell me things I don't want.

    either there are clever robots out there that discover all manner of unpublished email addresses - or most likely, our addresses have been sold!

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    Since I swapped jobs 6 months ago I've been inundated with requests on Linkedin.....the very first one I , rather foolishly, accepted the link and within 5 minutes (genuinely no exaggeration) the guy was on the phone wanting to speak to me about "following up from a previous meeting"!

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