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General Chat Thread, Hacking .exe file to reduce dialog box size in General; Using Window Movie Maker 6.0 on Win7 netbooks (as Windows Live Movie Maker doesn't let us narrate stop animations!) One ...
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    Hacking .exe file to reduce dialog box size

    Using Window Movie Maker 6.0 on Win7 netbooks (as Windows Live Movie Maker doesn't let us narrate stop animations!)

    One major problem - the Publish movie dialog boxes are too big for 1024x600 netbook displays - As I found out to my horror yesterday with a class of 30!

    I can (hopefully) find a resolution masher to put netbooks into a squashed 1024x768 mode but I'm wondering if there is way of literally hacking the .exe file to find the dialog box sizes and change the height values.

    Anyone with some hacking skills up for the challenge!


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    On some netbooks I've found that if you increase the screen res beyond the LCD native it goes into a zoom mode rather than a squish. You may want to check to see what scaling option exist in the bios or drivers. With such a small disparity it may be workable.

    I had another Idea to reduce the DPI of your fonts below 100% and see if it scaled smaller but there is no option in the GUI for that.

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    I haven't used Movie Maker in a long time, is it based on .NET? If so, you may be able to decompile it and tweak it to your needs (although I'm sure this is a massive breach of Microsoft's EULA!)

    Try running the exe through something like CodeReflect to dump the code in to a .NET language you're comfortable with.

    All this assuming it is a .NET application of course.

    Of course, if MS have any sense the code will be obfuscated but it shouldn't be too difficult to locate a dialog box and resize it in .NET
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