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General Chat Thread, Disappointed at Millgate Service in General; Originally Posted by RichB I think he got a negitive response from fellow edugeekers that would not have come if ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RichB View Post
    I think he got a negitive response from fellow edugeekers that would not have come if it had not been Millgate thats my thoughts about it.
    I'm not sure thats fair. Only speaking for myself with what i was trying to put across when I replied, I was attempting to point the OP to Luke who i've had only good experiences with to try get the problem fixed.

    I think relationships are developed with people as much as companies, if something isnt working with one specific account manager (as the OP was putting across) then maybe another can help. With Luke & Neil being sponsors and active on the boards it's in their best interest to help out the OP if they possibly can

    I certainly wasn't trying to belittle the issue the OP has had, it's damn frustrating when things go missing or dont get collected / arrive when they should. That doesnt mean it can't be fixed with a point in the right direction though

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    Thread locked- situation sorted

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