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General Chat Thread, How much to charge? in General; How much would you charge to setup google apps for an education based, school outreach kinda setup? being education I ...
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    How much to charge?

    How much would you charge to setup google apps for an education based, school outreach kinda setup?
    being education I assume they should get google apps for free.

    Would be pretty simple, there will be about 20ish users, based in 5 locations

    So, register a domain name for them and find a suitable host
    Create google apps account
    Setup email accounts and shared calendars
    Give some training on how to use etc (might have to travel to all 5 locations for this one - but none are any further than an hour away)

    Then either train one or two how to manage it, or charge a yearly fee for managing it for them (their choice)?
    Shouldn't be too much to do really? Maybe add or delete a user should they leave or appoint new staff I guess.
    They're not thinking about a website or anything right now - that may happen in the future though.

    This naturally would be done in my own time so I've got to charge something really - haven't I?
    What would you expect to be paid for the above? I assume there are firms out there that would do the above for them, anyone have any idea on how much might they might charge?

    Cheers peeps

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    How many hours do you think it will be?

    In industry a normal day consultancy/installation fee is anywhere between £600 and £1000 a day.

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    was going to reply, my old boss used to charge customers £650 a day for engineer site time

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