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General Chat Thread, Non slip paint in General; Question for those who are more knowledgeable about paint... Our site manager is saying that any paint is non-slip if ...
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    Non slip paint

    Question for those who are more knowledgeable about paint...

    Our site manager is saying that any paint is non-slip if you put grit in it... Having slipped on a glossy surfaced external chess board painted on the site, where the paint had some fine grit mixed in it by him, I can safely say it wasn't non-slip.

    As far as I'm concerned, all you end up with there is glossy grit. Am I right?

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    I'd say you are.
    You can get the exterior paint which dries textured - kind of like the top surface of a paving slab. It's not cheap though!! (and it's not glossy either).
    I would say using glossy paint, outside, on the floor is asking for a lawsuit...

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    Quote Originally Posted by localzuk View Post
    Our site manager is saying that any paint is non-slip if you put grit in it...
    Well possible for a brief amount of time but it won't last long and gloss paint will end up being more dangerous than when you started.
    If you want to make your own, good quality, non slip paint you need to use epoxy paint, but best to use the proper non slip stuff.

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    An ISO standard applies to non slip paint. I very much doubt his handy work with be up to an ISO standard of protection. It might be worth inquiring about insurance compliance and debating if a non ISO standard anti slip paint is fit for purpose.

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    Non-Slip paint is a specialist product and not any old Gloss.

    As you will see from this : Glidden Trade Products and then Glidden Trade Endurance Anti-Slip Floor Paint which is the actual product

    So they are talking rubbish IMHO.

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