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Congrats to you!

It's his "human right". My wife and I fell foul of this due to us being honest people. She know's who the father is of her (and now my) daughter and despite him having no involvement with her since conception, but being fully aware of her existence they sought his permission for the adoption. In our case it wasn't a problem and he actually said he thought it was a good idea, but the stupid things are that if my wife had lied and said she didn't know who it was, they wouldn't have persued it at all, and also if he had refused permission it would have just gone to court and the judge would have seen he's had no involvement and over-ruled him anyway!

You don't need a solicitor. We went through the whole adoption process without one. We spoke to one initially as we thought we did need one and he spun us an absolute load of codswallop. Social services dealt with everything.
useful thanks, but you mention adoption, I am only looking for parental responsibilities.