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General Chat Thread, Kirkless Internet... anyone else having issues? in General; Morning, Is anyone having slow internet issues in the Kirklees area? Our internet has been shocking for over a week ...
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    Kirkless Internet... anyone else having issues?


    Is anyone having slow internet issues in the Kirklees area? Our internet has been shocking for over a week now. There saying yes it is them however offering zero time scales, no call backs, no nothing!

    Anyone in the area have a contact numbers/people other than the help desk!?

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    Kirkless Internet... anyone else having issues?-captain_kirk_1z.jpg

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    Yep, we've been having the same sort of problem for weeks now.
    At one point they blamed smoothwall.
    Think I've been waiting for a call for the last two weeks now.

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    We've been having issues with it running slow since before Christmas. I've spoken with a couple of other schools in the Kirklees area who also confirm they are having the same issue.

    This was the state of our 100Mbps line this morning!
    Kirkless Internet... anyone else having issues?-photo-07-02-2013-09-34-04.jpg

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    They've apparently resolved the issue this morning (or put a workaround in place) - their intranet has been updated a few times with the status.. currently:

    Slow Internet link in Schools - 07/02/2013 Update 10:30
    Kirklees IT are continuing to investigate the severe nature of the problems affecting the schools broadband connection. We have found an issue with the firewall and are now working to fix this. We are also trying to respond to all the calls logged with an update. We realise this is a serious problem, and apologise for the inconvenience these problems are causing. This portal message will be updated at regular intervals, but you may also contact the IT Service Desk on 860-46888.

    They're calling round all schools and anyone with an open 'slow internet' log now to inform them of the workaround...

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