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General Chat Thread, My friend - 2 years in IT (no previous experience) now on £40k a year..! in General; ...
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    My friend - 2 years in IT (no previous experience) now on £40k a year..!

    One of those question yourself moments for me recently. My mate had no formal IT experience until 2 years ago when he joined a Graduate scheme, now he does testing for a bank in the City and has just been offered a £40k per year contract (which he's refusing to accept in an attempt to get more).

    I started in IT 4 years ago, 3 in my current school support role, and earn less than he did while he was training! No prospect of moving up the chain any time soon either, unless I move to another school.

    So, my question to you...

    Continue as is, sporadically doing MS Certs and maybe get an NM job?
    Start an OU Computer Science Degree?
    Join a graduate scheme?
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    Have you got a degree? Most graduate schemes usually only take people that have only just finished their degree (usually 2 years as a maximum).

    Do bare in mind, that a NM job is no guarantee of good pay, but the position alone is good one to step up in the career.

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