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General Chat Thread, Science Fiction Fans: What Would Hyperspace Travel Really Look Like? in General; ...
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    Science Fiction Fans: What Would Hyperspace Travel Really Look Like?

    Apparently it wouldn't look like this:

    But like this:

    ...There would be no sign of stars because of the Doppler effect - the same effect which causes the siren of an ambulance to become higher in pitch as it comes towards you. Doppler blue shift is a phenomenon caused by a source of electromagnetic radiation – including visible light - moving towards an observer. The effect means that the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation will be shortened. From the Millennium Falcon crew's point of view, the wavelength of the light from stars will decrease and 'shift' out of the visible spectrum into the X-ray range. They would simply see a central disc of bright light as Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation is shifted into the visible spectrum. Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation is radiation left behind from the Big Bang, and is spread across the universe fairly uniformly...
    Link: Star Wars: What would hyperspace travel really look like?
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