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    Officer of the Watch OOTW.... better known as Out of hours!


    I work in the Infrastructure world and am about to relunctanly join the out of hours rota as we support applications worldwide and the business occasionally needs to support other countries.

    1st to cover 7am-8pm on a rota (was 9-530),
    2nd to formalise a new "out of hours" process that we can be called out if the 5hit hits the fan over night or weekends

    The team (6) has come to agreement on a rota. Where we are less experienced is agreeing/contract changes for the OOH cover. There is a current OOH rota and only 3 people are doing it as 2 opted out. The 3 main parts of the agreement - you must "ASAP" and "be within 30mins of a internet connection/laptop". Payment at the moment is £150 per week no matter if you are called out zero or 10 times. This is the main why so many have pulled out but the business have now agreed a change to the terms and payment as clearly its not enough.

    I didnt agree on the proviso it is too disruptive to my family life and you cannot really plan anything or go out.

    Its likely to be 1 person will take the rota for a weekday night and then it will go to the next person, the person who does it on Friday though will cover the weekend as well and then rota will go back to weekday night and so on.

    Now we have a chance to change the terms and payment schedule (eg payment per hour if called) so keen to find out what others find acceptable or is industry standard.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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