Hey guys and gals,

I'm currently based in a primary school in Wigan as part of my apprenticeship with Pearson In Practice and after having discussions with the HT here we have agreed it would be good for me to gain some experience in another school, preferably a high school.

Ideally this would be for 3-5 days so I can get an idea of what's it's like working as an IT Technician in your school and hopefully gain a bit of experience.

I've been working here since mid September and have pretty much taken over IT support, though we do have a contract with Benchmark North West so they handle more advanced server/networking work though I'd of course like to be able to do that myself in future.

My apprenticeship ends March 10 this year, with 1 week between now and then devoted to MCTS 680, so we'd have to work out which dates work best for us both.

All questions welcome and I'm grateful for your responses


I don't drive so it would need to be commutable by bus or train from the centre of Wigan...or foot if you're close enough.