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General Chat Thread, 6th Form - How do you do it? in General; Our sixth form has a roll of around 340. We have a dedicated Sixth Form Study area of around 50 ...
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    Our sixth form has a roll of around 340. We have a dedicated Sixth Form Study area of around 50 PC's and other associated IT Suites that are shared with KS3 and KS4 students as well as the sixth form.

    All sixth form students do not currently have a device each, although this is something that we have contemplated in the past and ran smaller leasing schemes for parents to 100% contribute towards.

    Students are more than welcome to bring their own devices into school and attach them to our school wireless although we don't support them in anyway.

    We have a whole school roll of around 1,460 and theres only 2 of us supporting a network of over 1,400 clients. We cope, but certainly an extra pair of hands or two would be useful but I wouldn't necessarily say the demands of a sixth form will increase your workload other than the additional devices you would need to support.

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    We have around 300 ish sixth form students we have over the last 2 years added around 20 machines to the Library which are sixth form use only and expanding to a further 20 in their dedicated ICT / work room located within the common room. There are also a few rooms dotted here and then which are generally left open (no dedicated teacher to the room) so that if they require PC access they should be able to find one.

    We also provide open student wireless which runs through the SSL Login page of our smoothwall. We will help if there any issues connecting to the wireless etc, install software such as photo shop if they are enrolled on a relevant course. I'm looking at setting up the web print part of our PaperCut setup so they can login and remotely print to the photocopiers.

    Many of them bring their own laptops or tablets which they work from and many of them quite happily connect themselves up and get on with it.

    Team consists of 4 techs running a school of 1600 pupils / 200 staff and nearly 950 desktops. You just need to carefully thinking about what, where and how many PC's if any you are going to put in and how long you want them to last for.

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    We have 100 ish in the Sixth form. There are a few workstations dotted around in small clusters mainly for group work but every student is required to bring a laptop to school and connect to the managed Wifi. The difference being we fully support the students devices (laptops, tablets, phones, ipods!) down to OS reinstall / arranging hardware repairs etc.

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    We are also looking at a Sixth Form for 2014 in my last post we had a Sixth Form.

    Managed Wireless with Guest Access so BYOD Sixth Form only not main School.
    Laptop loan trolley where students could book out a laptop.
    Computer Suite with about 20 PC's
    Sixth Form Library with about 12 PC's
    Interactive Whiteboard all classrooms
    Small Lecture Theatre with Interactive Whiteboard.
    Digital Signage.

    This was for around 220 students.

    Think I will look at same for the new Sixth Form here but possibly introduce some Ipads or Tablets as well, also if I can get them to give me some space set up a test computer lab for students and set up some old PC's.

    There are currently three of us managing the network myself (ICT Admin Manager), Assistant Network Manager and Web Development Manager 1050 Students, 104 staff 6 Physical Servers, 20 virtual Servers, 400 PC's, 30 Laptops, Interactive Witeboards, Printers, Photocopiers, AV, some MIS support etc. Probably stay with the same staffing as everything runs fairly smoothly and as much as possible internally hosted, although SLT have mentioned another member of staff.

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    We have quite a small sixth form compared to others that have posted (~175). There is a around 10 fixed PCs in the sixth form areas available for the sixth form to use outside of lessons. There is a wired network socket for about each sixth former in their studies and now managed wireless available throughout that they can connect their (personal) laptops/tablets to. They are on a seperate VLAN and authenticate via our Smoothwall for internet access on their personal devices.

    They don't really put much strain on the IT department in terms of technical support. It's also good not having to worry about replacing loads of computers as they are pretty much all BYOD.

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    We have a small sixth form around 100 in total, they have about 20 machines in the sixth form centre and then access to 25 high spec new machines in our new library where they have timetabled study periods in that area. Students in sixth form can BYOD with pleasure and a good number do we have also run laptop schemes in the past but that has not been of interest this year, we do have (well will do in the next few weeks) a pool of 6 netbooks the Sixth Form team can short term assign to specific students that maybe would benefit from a bit of a boost which is a nice touch these are fully funded by Sixth Form funds and when they die they will either have to fund the repair / replacement or be scrapped.

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